100 Minutes after-sales

تاريخ: 2015-04-23
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100 Minutes after-sales

If the product purchased by customer has problems within 15 days (calculated from the date when the customer received the product), after-sales service department of the company received the defective product and confirmed that it belongs to a quality failure (according to the National Three Guarantees Law, etc.), appropriate after-sales service should be provided within 100 minutes in the form of submitting a new order, a replacement order, compensation application or refund request for the customer (refunds via postal service, etc. is subject to the handling speed of the third-party refund platform service). (working hour is 9:00-12:00&13:00-18:00, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays or abnormal situations such as electricity blackouts, etc. )

Note: If the customer doesn’t agree with the above solutions, negotiation time should not be deems within the 100 Minutes after-sales service.

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2015 - 04 - 23
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