KEN XIN DA mobile phone make "Shenzhen Creation" known in Africa

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KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

Africa, as if familiar but far away,  is the world's second largest continent. "Shenzhen made" mobile phones are being sought after by more and more consumers there. About 10,000 employees from various mobile phone manufacturers in Shenzhen are promoting in this continent. KEN XIN DA Group's brands also rank first in the African market. The tropical continent, thousands of miles away from Shenzhen, has become one of the main battlegrounds of Shenzhen-made mobile phones.

KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

Despite the distance of thousands miles, “Shenzhen creation” is made known by KEN XIN DA there. Moreover, two flagship brands of KXD and EL were launched.

KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

Africa is the second largest continent in the world as well as the second most populous country. Inside and outside African civil aviation hub -  the Nairobi airport, KEN XIN DA's mobile advertisements are frequently seen. Mobile phone shops in the streets of Johannesburg, capital of South Africa, also occupy prominent positions. These scenes has proved that the KEN XIN DA phones sell well on the African continent. KEN XIN DA's investment in brands advertising has increased with the steady expansion of market share and has had a profound impact on the establishment of a local brand image in Africa. At the same time, it participates in exhibitions in the field of communication technology every year and overseas conferences.

KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

At present, Africa has become the largest regional market for smart phones outside China and the Shenzhen mobile phone industry has contributed a lot. IDC revealed that the overall growth of the African smart phone market in 2014 was 108%. Among them, the share of smart phone companies in China increased by 30%. Another industry data shows that at present, China's mobile phones in total account for nearly 30% of the market in Africa, two times more than two years ago.

Africa has become Shenzhen's innovation "home".

From Shenzhen to Johannesburg, the most developed city in Africa, the straight-line flight distance is 10782 kilometers. Thousands of miles away from Shenzhen, this tropical continent has become a "home" to verify the strength and innovation of the Shenzhen mobile phone brands.

In 2008, KEN XIN DA developed a dinosaur series, a Great Wall series and a mini series with video playback and audio playback. It was put on the market and recognized by the market. Afterwards, it entered a stage of rapid development, through which it took up 15% market shares in Africa and achieved a sales of over RMB120 million. In 13 African countries including Algeria, Angola, Congo, Egypt, it took up a considerable share of the local market. Its rapid development, wide markets and accurate positioning, have been widely praised in the overseas mobile phone industry.

With profound changes in mind, KEN XIN DA perfectly embodies the successful model of Shenzhen company in the African mobile phone market. KEN XIN DA Group have introduced many innovative and practical functions for the African market to its mobile phones. These innovative measures include longer battery endurance design as in Africa a stable power supply can not be accessed easily; KEN XIN DA launched a music phone in line with market characteristics as African people like music box dance, Anti-dust display screen is designed to suit the dry climate and dusty environment in Africa. It even launched three-proofs mobile phone, i.e., dust-proof, shockproof and waterproof. These innovations comprehensively analyze the pain points of the functional needs of mobile phones in the African market. The in-depth analysis and precise positioning of the market have also contributes to the KEN XIN DA 's rapid business development of mobile phones in Africa. While occupying the market share in Africa, based on the international market, KEN XIN DA launched the “EL” high-end three-proofs smart mobile phone and the “KXD” exquisite smart phone terminal brand in the world in 2015, aiming to become the world's most popular international mobile phone brand.

KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

Going abroad,  it inevitably carries the idea of goodness and peace of the Chinese people. KEN XIN DA's charity activities have continued for a long time to better carry forward the outstanding traditional Chinese charity culture:

In 2015, the Group established the “Overseas Charity Association” under the name “KXD” and regularly implements charity activities overseas to bring warmth to the local people.

In 2017, charitable activities were carried out in many countries and regions in Africa, which brought help and warm to millions people. KEN XIN DA plans to expand charity areas in the next three years to bring more care and warmth to people in need.

KEN XIN DA mobile phone make

It can be said that KEN XIN DA mobile phone has deeply integrated into the deep friendship with Africa and African people. While making "Shenzhen Creation" known to African people, KEN XIN DA mobile phones  also created the image of a model brand in the mobile phone industry of Africa. In the coming years, KEN XIN DA will steadily expand and innovate in the African market to change the communication life of African people.

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